support | gatari
Stats reset
You can request admins to reset your account scores and create a new story of your osu! progression!
See your followers!
You will be able to see who added you to friends and give them the deserved mutual!
Widget to view pp on the website
You will be able to see how many pps a map gives with mods on the beatmap listing page with a convenient dialog widget!
Change your nickname and flag
You will be able to change your nickname and flag, for example, to korean or Costa-Rico. A new change is available with every druzhban purchase
Leaderboard by pp in the client
By using leaderboard by mod with Auto in client you will be able to see the scores sorted by pp in the client!
Friends ranking
Competing with friends will be a lot easier now!
Yellow nickname colour in osu chat!
You will be recognized as the priveleged guy in-game with the yellow nickname colour.
Druzhban badge in profile
When someone goes on your profile, they will instantly learn your relations!
Colourful role in gatari discord
Colourful role in discord will show your status and give access to a special druzhban-only channel. To receive the role please contact the admins.