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Can I have multiple accounts on gatari?
No. Please refer the the full list of rules at https://osu.gatari.pw/docs/rules
How to change nickname/flag on gatari?
Each month of supporter grants you the ability to modify nickname and flag, and many other features, read more at https://osu.gatari.pw/support
How do I reset my account stats/pp/scores/playcount?
With supporter status but not more often than once a month, a player has the right to request account reset, including all scores, pp and play count. Partial account reset is not possible. To request account reset contact gatari helpdesk at vk.com or Firedigger in discord. You need to attach your vk/discord account in the profile settings on gatari website in advance.
Can I transfer scores from bancho/other server?
No. We can not transfer your scores from other server or upload your offline/unsubmited scores.
Why can't I open the official osu website? It redirects me to gatari.
That's exactly the way how private servers work. Through hosts redirection we can fool the osu! client into connecting to gatari instead of the official server. In order to still be able to use the osu.ppy.sh in the browser you will need to either turn off gatari connection in the swicher (and clear browser cache) or use a VPN extension for osu! website such as friGate.
I bought supporter but my nickname in chat is still white, why?
You always see your nickname as white, regardless of the status. Other players will see the proper colour though. Don't forget to relog into the game after supporter purchase.
I set a 15pp score but I didn't get +15pp to my account, why?
The total pp of your account is not a sum of all pp scores but a weighted sum with exponentially-descreasing coefficient. Thus you shouldn't aim to set more average scores but to improve upon your current performance. Read more at official osu! wiki https://osu.ppy.sh/help/wiki/Performance_Points
My score failed to submit on gatari, what happened?
All the score submissions on gatari are handled through a single code place where we have error handling and logging, this path works. Sometimes we receive complaints that some score didn't submit when there is nothing to be found in the logs, and that means that most likely the score wasn't sent by the client itself. At other times the reason for score submission failure is official server API outage or oppai calculation bug for certain maps (extremely rare).
In order to make sure that the client will send your score to the server firstly you should have a working internet connection. Secondly, always choose the global rankings on the leaderboard before playing the map so that the client loads the up-to-date ranking state. Sometimes the client is unaware that the map is ranked and doesn't send the score. This is the most popular score submission issue however we can not do anything about it because the requests are handled by peppy's client.
I have problems with osu! client/installer. What do I do?
I am sorry to announce that we do not offer technical support for osu! in general or your PC in general. Same goes for modifying hosts and installing certificate, the tutorial available on the gatari website is distributed "as is" and we are not responsible for your PC performance after connecting to gatari, it is always possible to revert the proposed changes. If you have a general question about the game, refer to the official wiki https://osu.ppy.sh/help/wiki/Welcome
I am able to log in on the website but the client keeps saying "Invalid username or password".
Firstly, you should make sure that you are connected to gatari. Make sure that in your browser osu.ppy.sh redirects to osu.gatari.pw. If not check the connection docs. Otherwise try to press the login button in the client instead of pressing "Enter" on the keyboard when you are trying to login.
Why did I lose pp?
On gatari you are able to get pp from unranked maps on bancho. That means that if they can updated by the mapper the scores will be reset and the pp will be lost. Also sometimes we make pp rebalance, follow our channels to be aware!
What is the pp formula for relax and autopilot? Is the ranked pp same on gatari and the official server?
On ranked mods pp on gatari is nearly equal to the official server as for 2019 except for 1 thing. On gatari speed plays in terms of pp (usually high bpm streams) is punished for low accuracy (~97.5% and below), it addressed abuse maps such as Hidamari no Uta.
Relax is calculated normally for a map with reduced aim and speed components, no reward for streams (except for spaced) and accuracy, reduced bonuses such as extreme AR and HD.
Relax is calculated normally for a map with no reward for aim.
The exact formula can't be written down just like for standard pp.
You can always see pp for a map with mods including RX and AP by /np to Fokabot PM and !with
Can my account be removed/banned?
At the moment we do not offer an option to delete your account. We do not ban accounts by request either. If you want to hide your account, you can partly do that using the private mode available with supporter. We can however lock your account for an indefinite period when you have to temporarily leave the game, the account will remain visible but you won't be able to log in or restore your access (until contacting us again). We advise you not to break the server rules in order to get banned on purpose becuase later you will be experiencing difficulties with appealing which is usually the case, you will also lose your progress and achievements.
How are clan points calculated?
The full clan documentation is available at https://old.gatari.pw/files/paper.pdf
Why is my nickname on in-game leaderboards without clan tag?
This is done precisely so that the osu!client properly scrolls the leaderboard down to your score because it maches by the label. With the clan tag it wouldn't work.
How to apply for BAT? What is the rank criteria on gatari?
How do I upload my map on gatari?
At the moment we do not support uploading maps on gatari, we only use maps from the official server. If you want to share your map with gatari community you will need to upload it while on official server. If you are banned there consider asking a friend.
How to get "Verified legit player" badge?
Requirements to apply for "Verified legit player" (std):
1) 8.5k pp
2) At least 1 500+ pp score
1) Master of a skill who few people in the world can compete with
1) 6.500pp for osu!taiko, 9.000pp for osu!catch, 18.000pp for osu!mania
2) At least 1 of 400+ pp score for osu!taiko, 600+ pp score for osu!catch, 600+ pp (1700+ pp for LN maps) score for osu!mania. These scores can not be done on farmy maps. In case of farmy maps the pp rate is increased by 100.
1) Master of a skill who few people in the world can compete with
During the verification process the player is required to stream osu! or record a liveplay. Liveplay requirements:
1) Monitor is at least partly visible on the video
2) Both hands are visible
3) Keyboard sounds is recorded
4) You turn on the recording, then you start osu! and do the requested play. It can be your top play or a specific map, or any map of your choice, the main idea is that your expected level of play is clear from the scores. It would even better if the recording is done from a phone and then the PC is started. The plays must be done on gatari, the player also must provide the replays from the liveplay if needed.
The requirements for a stream are much lower, most of the time just gameplay is required because most cheats are not intented to work in a spontaneous stream scenario.
How to appear in top plays of the week on gatari youtube channel?
For the video we manually look through the most spectacular plays of the specified time period regardless of the players' individual strength. The quality of the play is measured usually via pp weighted with the farmness of the map. Similar scores on the same farm maps will appear not more often that every other episode. Next, we include good plays on difficult maps regardless of pp, the map difficulty is subjectively measured by the experts accounting for how many players were able to reproduce the score. Additionnaly, we include good scores on rare fairly hard maps.

As for advice, I can say that aside from setting high pp and playing difficult maps you can try playing less popular maps, usually ranked only on gatari. In any case, make sure to send your play to the form so that we can evaluate it https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PFxd9UiTtmKblimjEdTqUSc72HE1FHc3DkQfjXS_CUE/viewform |

What are the dollars near my avatar?
These coins are earned for completing quests. At the moment you can't use them and the mechanism is in development.
Can I play with cheats in offline, will I be banned for that on gatari?
Recently there has been reports that a player "wanted to play with cheats in offline, logged out, however for some reason the replay was still submited". My dear friends, in order to avoid this scenario it's best not to cheat at all. Even if you only download them to try in offline, there is a high probability that they will be detected once you log into some server. Peppy's client has a special detection system which does not differentiate between active cheats run and their existence on the machine. You can theoretically receive restriction without even running the cheats on gatari and we will not review your case individually then. You have been warned!
How to connect to gatari with IRC?
Unfortunately, at the moment we do not provide IRC access.
Which mp commands are available on gatari?
You can use the same mp commands on gatari as on the official server. You can learn their syntax and behaviour at the official wiki at https://osu.ppy.sh/help/wiki/osu!tourney/Tournament_Management_Commands/
I am planning on moving/visiting my grandma/friend/play on my laptop. Do I need to tell you my IP or warn in advance about playing from a different place/PC, can I get banned for it?
Playing on different PCs on gatari is fully legal. According to the rules you are allowed to play only on your account but that's it. You can play from your friend's place, grandma's, on your laptop, in university or internet cafe. It's enough not to share your account with others or play on other's accounts yourself, then you won't be punished.