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Your own clan! You will be able to create a clan with its own userpage, rating and badges to conqurer the world of osu with your friends! Clans
1 Stats reset You can request admins to reset your account scores and create a new story of your osu! progression!
2 See your followers! You will be able to see who added you to friends and give them the deserved mutual!
3 Change nickname and flag You will be able to change your nickname and flag. A new change is available with every druzhban purchase
4 Leaderboard by pp By using leaderboard by mod with Auto in client you will be able to see the scores sorted by pp in the client!
5 Mikuia !np GatariBot will be able to send your currently playing map to twitch chat by !np command, without any addition plugins
6 Gif avatars on website You can use animated avatar, and other players will see your anime waifu animated on the website.
7 Badge on profile When someone goes on your profile, they will instantly recognize your title!
8 Friend ranking Competing with friends will be a lot easier now!
9 Yellow nickname in chat You will be recognized as the priveleged guy in-game with the yellow nickname colour.
10 Custom website and profile color You can use an custom color for your profile.
11 Top 100 Leaderboard Now you will see 100 scores on leaderboard instead of 50.
12 Higher stream priority Higher priority for your stream on home page will help you gain new viewers!
Favourite plays It's common that our best scores are not pp tv-sizes but some elite FCs or passes. Now you will have the ability to select which scores are your best performance and demonstrate them on the front page of your profile!
Private profile Private profiles is the prime social network feature! You will be able to hide your top scores, first places, most played maps, any kind of detailed information from strangers and only your friends will be able to see it. Togglable function.
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