Server rules | gatari

osu!gatari rules:

  1. Cheats are forbidden. Cheats are external programs or devices which directly help you play. For example, interfere into input controls like key presses or cursor movement, change map stats, or modify mods (HD,FL). Using cheats will result in account restriction. Gamma is allowed, however storyboard exploits are not.
  2. Multiaccounts are forbidden. If you have troubles logging in, contact the admins instead. Creating multiaccounts will result in restriction of your main account and ban of multiaccounts.
  3. You are not allowed to play on someone else's account. You can log into your account from friend's PC but you should play yourself there. Playing on someone else's account will result in restriction of both accounts. This includes selling and buying accounts.
  4. VPN is allowed, but not recommended. Suspicious behaviour will raise questions.
  5. Impersonating staff or any privileges or statuses is prohibited, including verified legit player, tournament winners or quality assurance members.
  6. You can not unreasonably or unconstructively insult the gatari administration or the gatari server on the resources under osu!gatari authority such as: gatari vk chat and blog, gatari discord, PMs with admins or any other gatari authority members, in-game chats inculding PMs. In most cases the sanctions will be applied on the local resource level however we reserve our right to punish directly your osu! account on gatari.
  7. Playing with custom clients is not recommended. Playing on custom client with cheating functionality is strictly forbidden and will be punished on sight even if the cheating functionalities were not used.

Profile rules:

  1. Avatar should be SafeForWork = no porn, erotic (incl. anime), violence, gore, organs and other shit.

Using such avatar will result in avatar reset and a warning. Multiple crimes will result in restriction. 2. Userpage has the same rules but a bit more relaxed. Still keep it child-safe, otherwise you'll be warned. 3. You can not copy an osu!community celebrity's nickname if it's not yours. You can't call yourself Cookiezi, Vaxei or Rafis. Using ULTRA-similar nicknames is also not a good idea. If found guilty, you will be asked to change the nickname or get restricted. 4. You are not allowed to copy "Verified legit player" with a custom donor badge. Abusing priveleges will result in restriction.

Chat rules:

  1. Offense is forbidden
  2. Swearing is allowed if it's not offensive towards a particular someone
  3. Spreading cheats and NFSW is forbidden.
  4. Don't spam unicode, lines and symbols.
  5. You can't advertise external services