FokaBot chat commands | gatari

General commands

  • !roll - Returns a random number from 0 to 100
  • !roll num - Returns a random number from 0 to num
  • !help - Display help message
  • !request - Request beatmap to rank

Tillerino-like commands

Fokabot has some commands similar to Tillerino. Those commands work only if you send them to Fokabot through a PM.

  • /np - Show PP for the current playing song (only if is a osu! standard song)
  • !last - Show info (and gained PP, if it was an osu! standard score) about the last submitted score
  • !r <mods> - Sends random beatmap with selected mods, which costs pp around your top scores
  • !with <mods> - Shows PP for the previous requested beatmap with requested mods.
  • supported mods are NF, EZ, HD, HR, DT, HT, NC, FL, SO.. Don't use spaces for multiple mods (eg: !with HDHR)

Admin commands

  • !system restart - Restart the server. Everyone will be disconnected and reconnected automatically
  • !system status - Show server status
  • !system reload - Reload bancho settings (the one that are editable from RAP)
  • !system maintenance on/off - Turn on/off bancho maintenance mode
  • !moderated on/off - Turn on/off moderated mode for the current channel
  • !silence <username> <count> <unit (s/m/h/d)> <reason> - Silence a user
  • !removesilence <target> - Remove target's silence
  • !kick <username> - Kick an user from the server
  • !ban <username> - Ban and kick someone
  • !unban <username> - Unban someone
  • !restrict <username> - Restrict someone
  • !unrestrict <username> - Unrestrict someone
  • !fokabot reconnect - Reconnect Fokabot if he's not on online users list anymore
  • !alert <message> - Send a notification to every user connected to bancho
  • !alertuser <username> <message> - Send a notification to a specific user