Connecting Twitch Bot | gatari


Gatari provides its own twitch bot for handling request on twitch. Map links of any kind (old osu! website, new osu! website, gatari website) will be recognized, the map data will be written in the chat by the twitch bot and the streamer will receive the map in PM in osu! from Mikuia.

How to setup gatari request bot for your twitch stream

  1. Connect your twitch account in gatari profile settings
  2. Wait for some time and then find GatariBot in your chat. You can ping the bot by pasting a map link. It is recommended to give the bot moderator right just in case
  3. If you want to enable !np command which works without any external software on your PC consider buying druzhban
  4. Additionally you can set up star rate filtering for the incoming requests in gatari profile settings

If something doesn't seem to work you can contact our helpdesk