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Gatari Tournament

  1. The tournament is played on gatari server
  2. The teams number is 16, each team consists of 2 players
  3. At the beginning of the tournament the teams will be divided into 4 groups based on seeding specified by arithmetical average pp in the team and small amount of randomness
  4. The first stage of the tournament will be the group stage.
  5. In each group the 2 best teams will proceed to the second stage of the tournament - double elimination
  6. Before the beginning of the match in lobby each team is allowed to put 1 warm-up map
  7. For questions regarding the schedule of the matches contact Firedigger
  8. Freemod doesn't force anyone on the team to pick any mod. The list of freemod mods is Hidden, Hard rock, Easy and Flashlight.
  9. The mappool consists of Freemod,HR,DT and tiebreaker pools. There is no hidden pool however a team can pick hidden in both HR or DT pick maximum 1 player per team
  10. If a player was disconnected (due to server error) within 15-20 seconds after the match start, the map can be replayed
  11. The matches will be played with ScoreV2
  12. The team coming from loser bracket finals has to win twice in the grand finals due to bracket reset
  13. The win conditions are BO7 in group stage, BO9 playoffs until finals, BO11 winner/loser finals and BO13 Grand finals

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