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Just play for fun… >.>
pp is actually so meaningless

If you see me online, feel free to say hi, I'm only playing with a friend, solo super casually, or mapping though, & pls don't ask for an invite to multi unless i know u

I don't play osu! anymore like I used to; if you wish to contact me, add my

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ (PLS SPEAK ENGLISH) ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

It's been a really long journey, and I've made a lot of friends playing; as much as it really pains me to quit, I know it's for the best. I'll never forget any of the great times I've had in multiplayer, with who are now my closest friends. For the past few years it's really been a struggle mentally and physically to play the game. I've had nerve damage in my hands for years before playing osu!, so I've always just played through the pain because it was normal to me, but after a while it's really gotten much much worse. I've also had carpal tunnel since the age of 11… so I don't see myself coming back to the game for a long while, and if I do, it'll probably just be to try out lazer, then quit shortly after again. I'm proud of how far I've come with the game, especially for just playing casually since my first year after being banned from official servers, to moving to the very first third party server with my friend at the time, "Spare", called nosue, to being mod for Shigetora, who was the very reason I continued playing the game. As well as how far I've come a person; it's truly changed the way I see everything. I now can really appreciate how much time people put into creating the maps in games that people play, how many hours people have spent on skinning for whatever it may be, and of course how long players have been training for to get as good as they currently are. I've put so much time into this game, and it's hard to tell whether I regret playing casually or not… Because being on the border of Pro, and Casual, is a really tough one. I don't ever regret playing the game, no matter how much I shit talk it, it's always been the one game I could just chill out in, and map, skin, or just play. The game is flawed, but you come to appreciate it for its' flaws with enough time. Especially if you go out of your way to play within the fields of those flaws in gimmicky ways to make the game a lot more interesting than you ever thought it previously was. I'll be around online for a long time, but I feel my enjoyment with osu! has come to an end. Now with all of that being addressed, I feel there's only one other thing that needs to be said…

plz enjoy game

oh and Fuck Azer

hell, fuck pp farming too


See ya next time.

Written on:
1:46 AM
Saturday, June 1, 2019
Central Time (CT)

Uninstalled on:
7:27 PM
Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Central Time (CT)

Players I Have Endless Amounts of Respect For:
Apologies to anyone who's not listed here, this is an older message and will NOT be getting updated, though there are many people I would've loved to include in this, I'm just unable to list EVERYONE, and keep it updated.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! AppleML ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
( GoodTalent )
"Thank you for showing me osu, and believing in me as a player, no matter the game, and being like family to me, even though you got me hooked on a game that's as absolute dogshit as osu!, you truly inspired me enough to want to improve. No matter what, I'll always see you as a god, ESPECIALLY in osu! you blew me away years ago, and you will always continue to. ilysm ( NO HOMO ECK DEE ) "
P.S. "sry for getting u restricted" LOOOOL

"ty for being the first friend i played with quite often on Ripple, also, LUL SPARE GOT U BANNED ON NOSUE LUL"

"rest your hands and go to a fuckin doctor already"

Lil Red
"ur gay and rarted"

"putang ina mo; bobo"

"it's ZEHM not ZEEM"

"nice job going lowkey viral with that talent show vid lul"

"Shifu and i talked about how if u played to improve more you'd catch up to us in no time, stop saying ur bad, noob"

"pls get off 60hz, ur nuts 1.0"


"keep up the good acc plays, u did incredibly well considering the amount of time u spent away from the game, the last time we played, very nice job gamer B^)"

"Aka: fucking rotate host, holy shit you've picked 13 maps in a row >:C"

"i really hope you enjoy this game as much as i did, and if you do, then you'll be better than i ever was, in no time. promise"


"fuck ranked maps))"

"ur boosted"

"Hardcore Will Never Die, but ur hands will if u dont stop being so good at mania. and if mania doesn't break them, then i will, if you keep using pixlr instead of photoshop you goblin ass"

"woa; gud; wowowow; how is ur accuracy so perfect tho, i even thought u closet cheated with light relax hacks for a while lmao"

"enfia no cu – RicardoFlick ur a god with a mouse


"tech n9ne fanboy kappa"

"go easy on urself, you're extremely skilled at the game, also pls just take a compliment u dweeb"

(mlaw but bad)
"Can't hear u over the sound of how superior stream maps are"


"how the fk did u improve so dam fast"

"u suck"

"ha da ba da ga; remod me on ur twitch noob 1.0"

Blue Orb
(Bob Shmurda)
"Spares' son"


"u two are adorably cute :3"

"ty for always having the best maps to pick in multis, our map taste is superior to everyone elses B^)"

"guitar hero god"

"ty for creating the community of ppl that enjoy the best game in the world (Ratz Instagib 2.0), and very nice job with the progress that has been made with osu! hope the new new approach and new tablet(?) helps u lots, but also ur gay lol"

"aaaaaaaaaaaa, hidden is garbage btw"

Pls Kill Me
"blazed as FUCK everytime we played"

"fuck you xD"

"imagine being mod on literally every single streamers channel 4Head"

"the Irish tuba boi EZ aim god himself"

"pls get off 60hz, ur nuts 2.0"

"remod me on your twitch noob 2.0, osu! will miss you, you were a god damn powerhouse that could make people shit themselves without even trying, not sure if you'll come back to the game publicly or not, but you've certainly left one hell of a mark on the game, and ty for making me strive for perfection even after i got banned, although a lot more casually, i still liked the progress that came with it :>"

"Official Gamer, and WEEB (edit: WEW UR POPPIN OFF RECENTLY TOO POG)"



"change ur avatar for once >:C"


[ Blue ]
"idk what to put here so here's a vid"

"Imagine being a nutter on osu! while being over 37… wait"



"yes, you're last"

Thank you all for letting me enjoy the game by playing for fun alongside me in multiplayer for all this time <3

p.s. Thank you Spare for telling me about nosue, when we were close friends, and asking for a Gatari Key for me

Thank you so [email protected]raiserdongers for the supporter tag ♥
727 memes are hilarious
oh yeah yeah
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