I can promise you! from a lot of experience that you won't find a better server than this one.

I love my [Clan]

Playstyle, key setups for every mode & info
Discord servers

Join my gatari (taiko/other modes) server where we talk Russian/English, we have lots of emotes (• ε •)

True_kek discord/streaming server is pure Russian almost but very funny and active.

Gatari Discord server:

Me on other servers

I have accounts on most private servers but the following are the ones I play most if not only because of how good/fun they are.

Me on other private servers: (Main server) (Server for when gatari is down or trying to have massive massive fun with HDHR only for taiko)

Bancho: Only use it for mapping/kudosu farming and multiplayer/score farming.
Willing to do M4M or NM on bancho for taiko maps let me know on discord or in-game, I will go first :3

Depending on the map I will also do GD taiko difficulty.

Screen size :1920 x 1080 144HZ

Taiko: I don't care about PP, I just wanna master all HD combinations even if I stay low forever, I love HD but HD doesn't love me ;w;

Screen resolution in game:
NM/DT = 1024 x 768 with render at native resolution (horizontal position -50% vertical 0%)
Laptop = 1600x900 with render at native resolution)

Keys: HNMK (kddk), J (reset button)
Use middle finger and ring finger if the only right-hand index finger is injured/pain if I wanna play still or 3 fingers and alternate with the right hand. (not always)

Taiko dual keyboard: (when the index finger is injured on left hand/both and still wanna play)(DKKD setup with 2 keyboards, Usually just stop playing if it's that bad.)

Mania: I only play 4k , 7k and very rarely 5k
4k =cvnm
5k = sdkl (spacebar middle)
7k = asdkl; (spacebar middle)
Scrollspeed = 30, 34, 35 depending on map.
Screen = 1366 x 768 with render at native resolution

CTB: use index finger and middle finger

Left = .
Right = /
Dash = Spacebar
Screen = 1366 x 768 with render at native resolution

Mouse (2.5k dpi and no raw input) or Tablet depends on how lazy I am (90% of the time Using mouse).
Keys: HN, G (Smoke)
Screen = 1366 x 768 with render at native resolution

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