I can promise you! from a lot of experience that you won't find a better server then this one.

I love my [Clan]

About me

I need to be less active so I can focus on multiple projects. Will still check map request if you send me and sorry for slow reply sometimes.

(RIP vacation)

My Playstyle and keysetups


Keys: HNMK/THKO (kddk), J/U (reset button)
Sometimes when its very late at night I play with mouse/keyboard taiko for less noise :v
Screen size: 1280 x 1024 (1600 x 900) render at native resolution.

Mouse (3k dpi and no raw input.) or Tablet once in awhile.

Keys: HN/TH, G (Smoke)

Gatari BAT Activity Log

If you want me to check a taiko map for rank/love attempt on gatari send me on discord or privately on osu!gatari if I am online <3 if you need an STD map ranked/modded message Shitoria on discord he is the most active Standard BAT for person to person.

Amount of maps ranked: 91(14 std)
Amount of maps loved: 18 (4 std)
Amount of maps changed status: 9 (for std with taiko difficulty nominated/ranked by other STD BAT)

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