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During the time that I play in "osu!" I can highlight these rules (they also work in life;) )

# 1 The back is straight so that nothing interferes with the blood flow

# 2 Try to keep your arm (i.e. elbow) at 90 degrees so that the tendons and ligaments do not snap

# 3 Try not to strain your arm and forearm, and never do it at all, it is traumatic and will only slow down your progress

# 4 Try different grips, try to sit in different ways, but so that you try to fit the rules # 1-2 But the main thing is that you feel comfortable and feel freedom when you play, the same applies to rule # 3 (play freely)

# 5 Try not to strain too much in the game, play in moderation, preferably in a good mood, if there is no mood. Then don't play or just chat with someone. DO NOT burn, do not hit the walls and so on. This is a game, take it easy.

# 6 You must understand what you need and what you want from the game, therefore, follow your desire and look for ways to improve your game, the one that you and only you want.

# 7 Knead Your Body: Push-ups, squats, wrists, joints. Remember - Without movement, iron rusts. It's the same with a person

#8 And also, so that your eyes do not get tired, you must look upward. Try to keep the top of your head just above the level of the monitor (top of the monitor)

#9 Stop playing fooking farm maps, don't be a jackass

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